Mastering the last technical and creative stage in this wonderful musical world that we love so much. Indispensable in any style, essential in any piece. In experienced hands, it can be considered an art that conveys emotions and enhances details. It’s that little touch when a grandmaster ends a musical.
It gives us the last opportunity to solve problems that have been overlooked in previous processes to achieve , correct and balanced in its tonal balance, in refined record levels.

Here are the different services we offer. You can check our rates selecting a service or viewing our pricelist on pdf format


As usual in conventional stereo mastering it is working with a single project file exported mix. 


There are certain differences in the processes aimed at mastering to vinyl because of certain physical qualities of the vinyl record.


We work with subgroups extracted of the mix project.


Clicks, hisses, crackles in ripped vinyl discs or the typical air noise in the background of some songs are the most common problems we encounter.

We thought of this service to improve old recordings, significantly improving the signal to noise ratio with minimal reduction in signal quality.


WWe offer you high quality mp3 conversion and soundcloud previews for your promos version.

We thought of this service to improve old recordings, significantly improving the signal to noise ratio with minimal reduction in signal quality.


    Our main objective is to enhance the sound quality of labels and independent producers thanks to the rise of technology, develop their musical creativity but lack the means or expertise necessary to get a good sound result at the height of the big commercial productions.

    To do this, we present a list of services and highly competitive prices, without compromising the sound quality of our work, to live up to major studios and mastering a unenviable to large commercial productions sound.

    It is our small contribution, our little bit to meet the costs that have record labels today. We want to make our services accessible to small digital labels and producers to make them more competitive in this business saturated. We are backed by our experience and judgment, with years of experience behind us and constantly search for new techniques and ways to get involved in the projects of our customers.


    The studio is designed for a pleasant and comfortable environment in which all sound has been treated thoroughly to achieve a neutral and linear sound with a balanced design between diffusion and absorption that guarantees a reliable sound flat response.We work in a mixed solution between analogue and digital tools . We have a selection of the best digital processors and an analog line brands allows us to obtain clear results.


    These are some artists who have passed through our hands and who are really happy with our works:
    Jay Haze, Dixie Yure, Jay Tripware, Di Chiara Brothers, Djebali, Brothers Vibe, Joeski, Tom Demac, Nicson, Someone Else, Jin Choi, Jun Akimoto, Alejandro Vivanco, Rene Breitbarth, Ekkohaus, Alex Celler, El Txef A, Chembass,Tim Green, Juanmy Rociana, Sierra Sam, Alland Byallo, Kenny Summit, Luke Solomon,Ezequiel Sanhez, Tom Ellis, Jey Kurnis, Chris Lattner, Lee Webster, William Kouam Djoko, Efde, Lorenzo Dada, Werner Niedermeier, Paul Sytnh, Jazzler, Andrew Grant, Felipe Venegas, Carlos Sanchez, Borrowed Identity, Kiki, Mr. Statik, Raresh Rush, Hector Couto, Pezzner, Penner+Muder, Marcos In Dub, David Keno, Kleber, Glimpse, Hugo Barritt, Holed Coin, Black Quartz, Hanfry Martinez, Ivo Toscano, Frankie B, Duki, Makcim & Management, Fernando Sanz, Cosmic Cowboys, Javier Perez, Ittetsu, Whim-ee, Julio Roger, Monoroom, Pawas, Kasper, Acasual, AM, Nhar, Xar Lee, Nasty Boy, Julien Sandre, Santos Resiak, Markus Vector, V.Sexion, Scan Mode, Fonome, Javier Carballo, Pol On, Giorgia Angiuli, Atnarko, Fonsi G, DER, Nurhee, Cesar Martinez, Mr. Bosco, Miguel Puente, Oscar Ferocë, V.Rotz, Marcos Cruz, Santorini, Fonsi G, Pedro Sanmartín, Pachanga Storm, Atapy, Kaarel, Alix Alvarez, Oliversam, London Fm, Dave DK, John Dimas, Asedub, Mathias Mesteño, Yakinee, Paul Loraine, David Labeji, Madson.



      The tracks below were mastered on XY MASTERING. Follow us for keeping charge!



      It is my best option when I do not know where I’m going with the rebel uncontrolled frequencies and phases…. 

      - Dixie Yure, Get Phisycal, Nordik Net.

      Masterings sounds good! I like the way you master

      - Lorenzo Dada, Owner on Sonora recs.

      All ok, the sound is perfect

      - Miguel Toledano, Owner on Showreel recs.

      The final work mixing our first album “It hapenning” is done with Ezequiel in XY Mastering the result was surprising; besides having fully understood the concept of the album, because we had been mixes made by the group, the most notable is that together, we find the definitive sound of it, bringing all his experience in mixing and mastering electronic music as well as his touch staff. It has been a pleasure and will repeat, no doubt. 

      - Montgomery, Electronic group

      Until recently the mastering of my work was very upset by their respective seals. So I had to find its own way, who gave a professionally dynamic and solid sound. This is how I came to Ezequiel Sanchez XY Mastering who personalized and direct way it has managed to squeeze the maximum sound in my music, achieving what both looked in my productions, and best, with a commensurate value for an independent artist.

      - Arturo Hevia, Soundteller rece. Inlab récords.

      All my releases are mastered by XY Mastering.

      - DER, Owner on Nordik Net and Universal Consequence

      The tracks sound really good, nice job!

      - Atkorse, Owner on Nifu Nifa recs.

      Perfect! I like it!

      - Erica Menei, Owner on Talkischeap


      We detail how must prepair the mixdown to send us



      We may advise you personally about which service would suit your needs. We can also solve any doubts you might have before you send in your work to us. So don’t hesitate contacting us!


      +34 675 315 311

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