1. How do I prepare the mixdown for sending it to you?2018-10-25T16:02:19+00:00

The best way to send us is only one stereo file if it is for the option “Mastering Stereo” and exactly the same in each group track if you send us for the option “Stems mastering”.

No need to send us separate L and R, and avoid possible timing errors when we mount audio in the project. If, for some reason, we think the result will be better working with separate L and R we will have the means to do it ourselves.

We prefer a resolution of 32 or 24 bits. We can also work with 16 bits but avoid it as much as possible. The best resolution is the one that has been used in your project mix.

The sampling frequency can be anywhere between 44.1 and 192 kHz (send us the same with which you are working on your project) and the output format WAV or AIFF. We never send to master a file with data compression like MP3, OGG, AAC, etc…

2. What level should I send?2018-10-25T16:03:02+00:00

You need to let us a sufficient headroom to work. We require a maximum output level of -6 dB. But note that this does not mean that you lower the master fader at that level, make sure that no peak in the resulting wave exceeds that level. If while rendering you see that there are many peaks above that level, manages the mix and re-renders.

In specific cases, we can accept that it reaches a peak of – 4 or -3 dB but in no case will we accept that produced tracks are clipping the output of the DAW. The files we receive will be returned to you with solutions to your project.

3. Can I send a compressed or limited mix?2018-10-25T16:05:09+00:00

If you have made the mix with a compressor or limiter on the master and removed it, it changes the meaning of this, keep it, but avoid sending a mix with excess compression or limiting. To fix this is very complex.

Please note that if limiting has been applied it can reduce the amount of options that we has to manipulate the sound of the recording. Above all, do not use limitation to gain volume; we will take care of it.

4. Normalized?2018-10-25T16:05:48+00:00

No please.

5. And with dithering?2018-10-25T16:06:53+00:00

Do not send us files with dithering added when exported the mix. We will take that decision. In our opinion, we will be adding which best fits under our criterion.

6. How will I send the material?2018-10-25T16:07:26+00:00

The correct way to send us the files is through our server, at the end of our page. It is direct, fast and more secure than free servers. For security reasons we do not unload links to other servers without notice.

To avoid hacks on the links, you have the option of adding a security key, both the page of the server and the use of compressors data such as Winrar (if you use them). Remember to provide this key!

For our part, you can be sure that we never distribute your files, but unfortunately it is easy to hack links …The use of a key provides us more security.

7. I have doubts which service to choose2018-11-17T09:11:04+00:00

If you have achieved a good mix in your project, your choice is “Stereo Mastering”, simply specify if it is for digital distribution or for vinyl format.
If a mix does not convince you or is not well achieved, the right choice would be “Stems mastering”. With this option we have more chances to solve problems and improve the mix while mastering your track.

If you have any doubt whether you got a good mix, or you need “something more” send us a demo so we can analyze and advise, we will recommend the service that best suits your needs.

8. How is the routine of work and payment?2018-11-17T09:12:06+00:00

When you send us the files, we will receive an e-mail which will inform us of the demanded service. We will answer that e-mail, confirming receipt and with an account number where you make income by the total work. Once received the income, we will begin to work in your tracks.
We will send you a download link to the completion of our work with your master’s degree in high quality.

9. My neighbor’s music sounds very loud, can you sound louder than him?2018-10-16T21:22:07+00:00

We do not like to take a trophy for the highest volume level, so we will not play that game. Not because we are not able or do not know how, but because they want to destroy music by excess the volume.

Mastering is to obtain a pleasant sound with a good balance between dynamic and level and because of this we must not go to extremes. It is unfortunately reaching the market today. We assure you that your track will have power and sufficient level to be competitive in the market.

10. Do you want me to send a theme that I like the sound of as a reference?2018-10-16T21:21:18+00:00

Of course, in fact we thank you for it because this way will help us to understand what kind of sound you are looking for or toward where we lead our session. Make sure it’s a similar style to which you send us.

11. Delivery time?2018-10-16T21:20:48+00:00

Ensure that a good work requires keeping your track here about 4 or 5 business days. This time allows us to work without haste or pressure, devoting the attention it needs to ensure the best results.

If for some reasons you need some urgent work, we have a 24 hour service with a small economic implement.

12. I’d like a little more treble …2018-10-16T21:20:12+00:00

If, when you receive back the work, you think something can be improved, we will allow a review for you to become completely satisfied.

13. Vinyl specific issues2018-10-17T02:50:53+00:00

In general it is sensible to avoid any stereo width in the low frequencies, and also to avoid any elements that are totally out of phase. Extreme High Frequency, Stereo Width, Vocal Sibilance or Low Frequency can limit the overall loudness of the cut, due to the possibilities of distortion on playback, jumps or mistracking on playback, or excessive depth modulation within the groove itself.

Distortion in a recording will almost certainly increase if transferred to vinyl.

14. Phase problems2018-10-20T01:34:44+00:00

Always listen to your mix for mono compatibility!

When listening in mono does the mix still stand up? Are the key elements still clearly audible, and how has their relationship to each other changed? If yes, it would mean there are phase problems in your mix, fix it before sending it to us.

Many club sound systems are mono, laptops and mobile phone speakers… so it may be that a mix that suffers when mono’d needs more work.


Once we have started working on your projects, we can´t change or edit anything on your mix-down, in case you really need to change things on it, we´ll be forced to restart the work and consequently charge you an additional fee (50%). Please bear in mind that if the track has evolved too much after you re-edit it, and we do need to do mastering on it again, we´ll have to charge you as a new mastering.

We do normally keep our clients projects for no longer than 5 days, so please bear in mind that you have 5 days to request any change or edition on it.

Please avoid sending us your premaster if you are not 100% sure yet, remember that our possibilities to help you is limited and depends on your pre-master file.

We do recommend leaving the track on standby for a few days and re-listen to it again before sending to us, to make sure it´s the best result you can achieve on your own and to ensure the best result.

And remember before going ahead, feel free to ask, we are here to HELP !

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