Keep in mind that the vinyl has certain limitations not present the usual digital format due to several very specific physical qualities.

At this stage a pre-master is performed (pre-master because it is the process prior to cutting master acetate with the remaining copies were replicated) in which not so much the volume obtained as problem solving.

Factors such as phase coherence is indispensable. The special care they need some sharp elements to avoid distortions like excessive volume in Hi-Hats or excessive sibilance on vocals. Stereo width, or low frequency can limit the overall loudness of the cut, due to the possibilities of distortion on playback, jumps or mistracking on playback, or excessive depth modulation within the groove itself.

Running times.

We recommend the following approximate maximum running times for a loud cut

7″ 45 rpm – approximately 3’30»

7″ 33 rpm – approximately 5’00»

10″ 45 rpm – approximately 6’00»

10″ 33 rpm – approximately 9’00»

12″ 45 rpm – approximately 8’00»

12″ 33 rpm – approximately 12’00»

12″ 33 rpm – approximately 24’00»

To cut longer sides there may also have to be some compromises in the sound of the recording. Therefore a longer side may have to have some low frequency or stereo width reduction in order to fit on the disc at the required loudness level.

Note that the processes for one format or another are different, if the work you send us must end in both formats, will tell us 2 different versions for little ones.